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The Goods Lift Company's range of trolley lifts offers the simplest, quickest, most reliable and economical solutions to heavy lifting.

Our range includes 250kg and 300kg models, with a choice of door options. Trolley lifts are ideal for the frequent movement of bulky and heavy goods that you may otherwise find difficult to transport regularly between the different floors of your premises. A Trolley Lift may be a suitable requirement for pubs, hotels, restaurants, retailers, hospitals and other commercial premises where trolleys and other heavy weights need to be moved easily.

We have provided service lifts for a wide range of clients including film sets, universities, large retailers and the Forestry Commission. See our case studies page for more details of our previous goods lift work.

The installation of these commercial lifts generally causes minimal disruption to your business or premises and we will help to oversee the installation from start to finish. For more information on our process, please see our technical page. For more details about this product, you can download our technical specification when you scroll down this page or request more details directly by contacting our team.

To help spread the cost of your new Trolley Lift installation, we can help by discussing our available finance options with you, simply contact us for details.

Why Choose a Trolley Lift?

A choice of models

Whatever you need to lift, we have a choice of 250kg or 300kg models available to suit your exact lifting requirements.

Quick, Simple Installation

Our trolley lifts operate within a rapidly-erected, structure supported frame which is easy to install and requires minimal builders' work.

Access & Lift Car Entrance Protection

Trolley lifts can be supplied with single hinged doors and concertina gate. To protect loads during travel, a collapsible picket gate, electrically interlocked for safety.

technical specifications

Key Features of the Trolley Lift

What car styles are available for the Trolley Lift?

Constructed in mild steel, finished in a tough grey baked enamel. A stainless steel finish is available as an option.

What Landing Entrance options are available for the Trolley Lift?

Landing entrances are protected by a single hinged steel door with a grey baked enamel finish as standard (a stainless steel finish is available as an option) or optional concertina shutter leaf gates with a galvanised finish. All doors are fitted to our structure and have safety locks to comply with safety regulations.

Is it essential to have Car Entrance Protection on a Trolley Lift?

Whilst it is not essential to fit a collapsible gate to the car on lifts with single entry configurations, it is highly recommended to do so. However, they must be fitted on any lifts with entrance positions on opposite or adjacent sides.

What kind of Mounting is provided for the Trolley Lift?

The lift is supplied in a structure-supported frame which is galvanised for longer life. We do not require a separate motor room or ‘load-bearing’ lift shaft.

How many floors can the Trolley Lift travel?

The Trolley Lift can travel up to 6 floors.

What speed does the Trolley Lift travel at?

The Trolley Lift travels at 0.17m/s.

Trolley Lift Controls

Fully automatic push button control, with call and despatch facilities at each entrance for extra reassurance.

Trolley Lift Operation

The operation is smooth and quiet with a highly efficient motor winding unit and reliable controller. Combined with a counter-balance drive system, this ensures electrical consumption is minimal.

Trolley Lift Winding Unit

Mounted at the top of the lift structure within the headroom dimensions shown overleaf. The 0.66kW motor drives a high quality reduction gearbox fitted with a traction vee-sheave. An electro-magnetic disc brake is supplied, with emergency release mechanism.

Trolley Lift Power Supply

A 415V three phase supply is required for the lift and a standard power socket within the motor compartment.

Trolley Lift Installation

A 2-floor lift normally takes 2-3 days to install depending on site conditions. The enclosure is to be completed by your chosen building company.

Trolley Lift Maintenance

We recommend the lift is serviced and inspected a minimum of every 6 months by competent lift engineers. This is to ensure efficient and reliable operation. We can arrange servicing after installation.


The lift is guaranteed for twelve months from completion of installation, subject to it being serviced regularly.

Once installed, tested, commissioned and all the building work is complete, the lift will comply with the Essential Safety Regulations (ESRs) of the latest Supply of Machinery (Safety) Requirements, otherwise known as the Machinery Directive and EN81-3 where applicable.

Request a quote for your Goods or Service Lift requirements today

Our goods lifts are sourced from leading suppliers giving the widest range of lifts to suit customer needs and every lift we install carries a full 12 month warranty. See our product pages and download our free technical information sheets for a more in depth look into the types of lifts that we supply. Get in touch today for a competitive quote that matches your requirements.

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  • Trolley Lifts

    Goods Lift | 250kg - 300kg

    The Goods Lift Company's range of trolley lifts offers the simplest, quickest, most reliable and economical solutions to heavy lifting. Our range includes 250kg and 300kg models, with a choice of door options. Trolley lifts are ideal for the frequent movement of bulky and heavy goods in a wide range of premises, from pubs and restaurants to hospitals and hotels.

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