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Dumbwaiter lifts - often referred to a service lifts, food lifts or Microlifts - are the perfect way to move small loads between floors. Our dumbwaiter lifts can move up to 150kg and can operate on a frequent basis.

Dumbwaiter lifts can be installed in a wide range of environments, from private homes to public service buildings, bars and restaurants to care homes, small businesses and also airports. Dumbwaiters are suitable for almost any environment and our lifts will ensure you meet the latest Manual Handling regulations.

Finance available, contact us for details.

Why Choose a Dumbwaiter Lift?

A wide range of models

Also available in low headroom and double decker configurations. We can provide bespoke lifts to fit most lift shafts and load size requirements.

Quick, Simple Installation

The Service lift operates inside a rapidly-erected, structure supported frame. No separate motor room or load-bearing shaft is needed.

Choice of Finishes

Choose from a tough painted finish or stainless steel to finish off the lift car and rise & fall shutters.

technical specifications

Request a quote for your Goods or Service Lift requirements today

Our goods lifts are sourced from leading suppliers giving the widest range of lifts to suit customer needs and every lift we install carries a full 12 month warranty. See our product pages and download our free technical information sheets for a more in depth look into the types of lifts that we supply. Get in touch today for a competitive quote that matches your requirements.


GLC range of Dumbwaiters

Bottom drive for low ceiling height

Bottom drive for low ceiling height

Floor level loading

Floor level loading

Double Decker 2 cars 1 shaft

Double Decker 2 cars 1 shaft

Standard Dumbwaiter

Standard Dumbwaiter

  • Dumbwaiters

    Service lifts | 50kg - 150kg

    Dumb waiter lifts - service lifts, food lifts or food hoist - are the perfect way to move small loads between floors. Our dumb waiter lifts can move up to 150kg and can operate on a frequent basis.

  • Trolley Lifts

    Goods Lift | 250kg - 300kg

    The Goods Lift Company's range of trolley lifts offers the simplest, quickest, most reliable and economical solutions to heavy lifting. Our range includes 250kg and 300kg models, with a choice of door options. Trolley lifts are ideal for the frequent movement of bulky and heavy goods in a wide range of premises, from pubs and restaurants to hospitals and hotels.

  • Residential Lifts

    Residential lifts | 50kg - 100kg

    We have a wide range of residential lifts models from 50kg-100kg. We can also provide bespoke lifts to suit most shaft and load sizes. Our models can be used for transporting anything from dinner plates, laundry, shopping to bottles of wine from floor to floor.

  • Reconditioned Lifts

    Reconditioned |50kg - 100kg

    At The Goods Lift Company we supply, deliver & install a range of re-conditioned Dumbwaiters. All our re-conditioned dumbwaiters come with a 1 year warranty. Please contact us for availability of reconditioned lifts.

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